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Dentures at Oran Park & Harrington Park Dental Care

Realistic, confidence-building, dentures at Oran Park Dental Care & Harrington Park Dental Care.

The perfect smile can now be yours with quality, natural-looking dentures at Oran Park & Harrington Park Dental Care.

Dentures are false teeth that are worn to replace any missing teeth. If you have any missing teeth, dentures are a solution that not only rapidly improves your confidence in the way you look, but they also make eating and speaking significantly easier. It can also rapidly improve your confidence in the way you look. Dentures at Oran Park & Harrington Park Dental Care allow you to:

  • Replace missing teeth and prevent further loss
  • Restore and maintain your original facial structure
  • Instantly regain your confidence in your smile
  • Restore speech and pronunciation problems
  • Easily maintain your oral hygiene (this is with both permanent and removable dentures!)
  • Eat food with ease, thanks to their comfortable, tailor-made fit to your mouth

Get a beautiful, natural-looking smile that gives you the radiant glow you need, for boosted confidence today.

Why choose Oran Park Dental Care & Harrington Park Dental Care for your Dentures?

With many years of experience in dentistry, our friendly staff will be with you through each stage of your treatment.

You can rest assured that we use the most advanced dental techniques and procedures to ensure shorter treatment times and optimal results. Additionally, we also offer cosmetic injectables and dermal fillers.

Located at Oran Park Town Centre and Harrington Plaza, Harrington Park, with easy parking. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your First Appointment

At your first appointment, your dentist will take moulds or impressions of your mouth so that a custom tray can be created.

Then, your friendly dentist will go through the treatment process and give you advice on the choice of teeth and materials that best suit your individual needs and budget.

Custom-Made Tray

Secondary impressions are then taken using our custom-made, special trays, in addition to wax bites. These wax bites are taken to map out the relationship between your upper and lower jaw.

From this point, a trial denture is created to replicate your mouth’s shape and the positioning of the completed false teeth dentures.Your dentist will then assist you to select both the colour and the quality of your new denture.

Try on your dentures

Wax-based dentures are applied in your mouth to determine the appropriate fit, shape, and colour. Then, the final denture is crafted.

Your Final Appointment

A common sensation experienced by those who gets dentures for the first time is one of mild discomfort (many describe it as “odd” or “strange”). This is because your mouth, tongue, and facial muscles must learn to adapt to the shape and positioning of the false teeth dentures, however you can rest assured that it is a sensation that naturally resolves itself over a few weeks. In your final appointment your dentist will talk to you about aftercare and answer any questions you have.


Just like natural teeth, you should have regular check ups with Oran Park & Harrington Park Dental Care to ensure that your dentures, as well as your entire oral health, are in the best shape possible.

Anyone who has lost some or all of their natural teeth can benefit from dentures. Dentures can improve the appearance of a smile, restore the ability to bite and chew food, and help maintain the shape of the face.

Yes, there are several different types of dentures including complete dentures, partial dentures, immediate dentures, and overdentures. The type of denture that is best for each patient depends on their individual oral health needs and the number of missing teeth. Our friendly team will be able to help you decide which is best for your situation. 

The lifespan of dentures can vary, but they typically last between 5-10 years. The longevity of dentures depends on factors such as the quality of the materials used, the patient’s oral hygiene habits, and the frequency of dental check-ups and cleanings.

Dentures may cause some discomfort during the adjustment period, but they are generally not painful. Some patients may experience sore spots or gum irritation, but these issues can usually be resolved by visiting the dentist for a fitting adjustment. It’s important to follow the denture care instructions provided by the dentist to avoid discomfort and ensure the longevity of the denture.

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